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Taylor Rental Store Policies


Charges are calculated on the amount of time out of the store and not the time actually used. Some larger items such as backhoes or chippers have a running time limit for a rental period of more than 8 hrs for which additional charges would be assessed.. Example, a one day (24hr) rental rate on a chipper would allow a running time of 8 hrs or less as indicated on the machine hour meter. Additional charges would be made for running time over 8 hours in one day.


Minimum rental period: Many items have a 3 or 4 hr min. rate This rate is the lowest amount for which the item can be rented and allows use of the item for up to the stated time limit. After the minimum time, charges are calculated incrementally for the additional time out. Other items have a minimum time of one day, others such as tents have a minimum rate based on the function, usually up to 3 days. We will be happy to quote you an exact rate based on your needs


We offer to waive charges resulting from accidental damages to our rental equipment for a nominal fee. The rental contract will explain this waiver in more detail. Excluded from this waiver is any loss due to theft, misuse or abuse, theft by conversion, intentional damage, mysterious disappearance or any loss due to your failue to care for the rental item(s) as a prudent person would his/her own property such as lubrication.


Most equipment is supplied to you with full fuel tanks. We charge for fuel used when the fuel tank capacity is more than one gallon. You will be advised at the time of dispatch if there will be a fuel charge for the equipment you have rented.


Delivery & Pick-up is available for all equipment. There is a charge in most cases. We will quote a rate for your specific request.


A minimum deposit of an amount equal to the estimated rental charges plus tax will be made at the time of dispatch. Additional deposits also may be required for fuel usage or items with loose parts.